Themes of the CA-seminars

Each year CA has a particular theme. This is published in the CA-Symposium-papers, the series Art 2000. But even in the early years there has always been a special theme, forum or speaker. 

1981 Forum (key-note) on the role of the Christian artist.
1982 Forum (key-note) on the practicalities of life, e.g. money, family life, integrity, etc.
1983 Forum (key-note) on religious issues like respect for others, acceptance by the Church/war with the Church.
1984 Key-note speaker: Floyd McClung.
1985 Key-note speaker: Floyd McClung.
1986 Key-note speaker: Floyd McClung.
1987 Key-note speaker: John Smith.
1988 Key-note speaker: Gerald Coates.
1989 Key-note speakers: John Smith, Gerald Coates and Arne Hoglund.
1990 Key-note speakers: John Smith and Arne Hoglund.
1991 Art 2000 Vol. I: Our position as an artists’ organization in the light of the Cultural Paragraph of the Treaty of Maastricht. Conclusions
1992 Art 2000, Vol. II: Call for improving democracy, social and human rights in the EU and elsewhere. The EU should be more like an economic fortress: social, creative, religious, educational foundations are needed. Conclusions
1993 Art 2000, Vol. III: Aspects of the social midfield/civil society. - The position of art/culture & family/education. - Art/culture & local community. - Art/culture & region/nation. - Art/culture & the European dimension. - Subsidiarity. Conclusions
1994 Art 2000, Vol. IV: More aspects of the social midfield/civil society; the need for pluriformity, civil action and the need for norms/values. Conclusions
1995 Art 2000, Vol. V: The well-being of people is based on norms & values and identity. Do not promote only economic values. This should be balanced by Christian-social values/norms. A pluralistic society is something other than a pragmatic society. The education of youth is important. Conclusions.
1996 Art 2000, Vol. VI: Youth, youth cultures and the future. Conclusions.
1997 Art 2000, Vol. VII: Minorities (blessings and dangers). Conclusions.
1998 Art 2000, Vol. VIII: Fragmentation of society (opportunities and dangers). Conclusions.
1999 Art 2000, Vol. IX: The limits of tolerance. Conclusions.
2000 Art 2000, Vol. X: The art of living. The challenge of the 21st Century. Conclusions.
2001 Art 2001, Vol. XI: The Treaty of Maastricht. 10 years cultural paragraph. Conclusions
2002 Art 2002, Vol. XII: Social Cohesion. Conclusions
2003 Art 2003, Vol. XIII: Globalization. Conclusions.
2004 Art 2004, Vol. XIV: the multicultural society Conclusions.
2005 Art 2005, Vol. XV: Adult education/ life long learning. Conclusions.
2006 Art 2006, Vol.XVI: the challenge for gender equality. Conclusions.
2007 Art 2007, Vol.XVII: the future of young labourers. Conclusions.
2008 Art 2008, Vol XVIII: social dialogue about cultural diversity
2009 Art 2009, Vol XVIV: Social Dialogue about:From a normal workerssituation via Flexicurity into (semi) selfemployment
2010 Art 2010, Vol XX: More and better Jobs