Conclusions of the subjects 1989

Theme 1989: Participation, priesthood, pastoral care

This Christian Artists week had each day a plenairy meeting in the format of a plenum. These plenums were done by key speakers John Smith (Australia), Gerald Coates (UK) and Arne Hoglund (Sweden). These plenums had 3 aspects

  1. PARTICIPATION. John Smith presented again his views how a real Christian artist has to stand in the real world. So he/she will participate in local life, community life. Aspects that matter are the notions of justice  and truth, and the relationship with the poor and the mariginalised.
  2. PRIESTHOOD. Gerald Coates presented those aspect show a Christian artist should be active like a priest. Working with prayer, consideration, working on understanding and reconciliation.
  3. PASTORAL CARE. Arne Hoglund presented his views on this matter, why a Christian artist has an obligation to a form of pastoral care for persons (audience) who are blessed or schocked by appearance, exhibitions, concert tours, plays, poems and such. Presenting art is not equal with throwing a bomb and walk away. You can not walk away even from persons who totally disagree with your art(form). So there is a kind of responsability that every Christian artist has.
  4. It is up to the artist him/herself who these aspects should be integrated and considered in privat and public life.