Christian Artists Seminar

2019: After 40 years of seminars the founders Leen and Ria La Rivière see this mission and ministry as completed. The challenge has been picked up by the next generation of leadership and goes on in the annual ARTCROSS seminars in Austria. All info on:
Content: Besides the plenairy parts, the days are full of unique workshops in any form of art.

Be ready to open your mind and be inspired. Be ready to improve technically. Be ready to grow spiritually. Be ready to develop your vision for life as on artist. On the website you find how.

On this website you find how the last CA 2019 was… THIS CA WEBSITE is used as reference for many Christian Art Conferences around the world how to organize such event. CA has a lot of historical background information. If you are looking for a Christian Arts/Music organization in your country, go to: If you are looking for a real professional teacher, coach or lector, go to: This website is the listing of all the qualified people who made the annual Christian Artists Seminars possible. For contact:

Christian Artists Seminar is a project organised by: Christian Artists vereniging (Association, trade union) and supported by: Music council of the Netherlands and Christian Artists Network. and Continental Sound. European funding was from 1991-2018

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In this corona time, no seminar can happen. What is available: a Masterclass Cultural Leadership. This special course is offered by Leen La Rivière, founder of Christian Artists. More info and how to register on

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