Conclusions of the subjects 1981

Theme 1981: The role of a Christian Artist

This Christian Artists week had each day a plenairy meeting in the format of a Forum. On stage appr. 8 leading artists from different nations and a moderator putting the questions to them and opening for debate with the participants. This first year was all about the role of a Christian artist.

  1. A Christian artists has a role in his private life. That means working on quality (ongoing improvement in skills) and working on character/motivation
  2. A Christian artists has a role in his family. Being a good partner, being a good parent, being a good and reliable family member. Acting like a priest
  3. A Christian artist has a role in his church. Even if in many cases a church doesnot have any idea of the arts or has any respect fora n artist. Still it is a good and important issue to remain member of a church. Patience and prayer are keywords. The expectation is that change will come, including mutual respect.
  4. A Christian artist has a role in the ‘market place’ or society. For some to evangelise via their art-form, for others making GOOD art (so not to evangelise) and having an impact via the quality of his/het works of art
  5. As this first Christian Artists Seminar is mainly middle-of-the-road music, praise and worship, all styles of music should be present a next time