Evening program

Each evening will be a great interesting presentation of what the professional participants are able to do. You do not want to miss this, as it will be so encouraging and stimulating for your personal development and talents.

Also for non participants it is possible to visit the evenening concerts. Tickets for the evening costs € 15,00 per person. You can buy them at the reception

Under the usual reserve of upcoming changes: Evening program 2018:

Sunday July 29
MC= Natael Kerkhoven

  • Torsten Harder (Germany) cello + ensemble
  • Paul Lorenger (France) dance
  • Klaus André Eickhoff (Germany) singer songwriter
  • Alexandra Smith (Nl) storyteller
  • Jolina Raible (Germany) singer
  • Evert van de Poll (France) piano
  • Emmely Hansen (Nl) singer + visuals
  • Dorottya Csokasi (Hungary) visual art
  • Simone Pansa (Nl) singer
  • Ria and Leen La Rivière (Nl) welcome
  • Jan Willem van Delft (Nl) piano/singer + ensemble

Monday July 30
MC= Vicky Stanley Townsend

  • Maria Markesini (Greece/NL) piano/singer
  • Genesis Quintanilla (Spain) dance
  • Reyer (NL) singer-songwriter
  • Thea Soltau (Uk) acting
  • Werner Hucks (Germany) classical guitar
  • Wouter van Twillert (Nl) photography
  • Jonathan Harder (Germany) singer
  • Maria Viftrup Cramer (Denmark) visual art
  • Dywel Braaf (Nl) classical piano
  • Leen La Rivière (Nl) inspiration of the day
  • Jeanine Noyen (Canada) singer-songwriter

Tuesday July 31
MC= Natael Kerkhoven

  • Nikos Papadogiorgos & band (Greece) pop
  • Damaris Veenman (Spain) dance
  • Talitha Nawijn (Nl) singer
  • Angelique Petit (France) mime
  • Esther Burger-Hucks(Germany) classical piano
  • Sjoukje Minkema (Nl) acting
  • DJ Flubbel (Nl) techno-Pop
  • Mariyam al Baghdadi (CH) singer
  • Thomas Nöttling (Austria) jazz-piano
  • Leen La Rivière (Nl) inspiration of the day
  • Rivelino Rigters (Nl) black rock star

Wednesday August 1
MC= Vicky Stanley Townsend

  • Junus Manuputti & band (Nl) pop-gospel
  • Birgut Juch & Avic company (Nl) dance
  • Tobias & Nataël Kerkhoven (Nl) guitars + vocals
  • Arthur Pirenne & Jan Willem Plutschouw (Nl) clowns
  • Heike Wetzel (Germany) flute
  • Paul Yates (Germany) photography
  • Emmely & Viktor Sewarinow (Germany) classical
  • CA Youth & Chesron Ledes, Jonathan Romppel (EU) gospel
  • Hannah Claire (France) singer-pop
  • Ria & Leen La Rivière (NL) thanks and inspiration of the day
  • Paul van der Feen & band (Nl) sax + pop