Christian Artists Seminar

July 30 - August 5 2016

This International Christian Artists Seminar is from July 30 – August 5, 2016. This will be an EU seminar fully focused to find work as artist of any art form, as unemployment is arising. How to take care of yourself (avoiding health risks) in the midst of the crisis; life long learning will be a great help to secure work. And what will be your unique call, talent, added value? A theoretical and very practical seminar. 2 days of lectures and debates including very interesting meetings with artists who survived and are ready to speak about their secrets and answers. Followed by 3 days of unique workshops in any form of art. This 35th CA seminar will be of great help! Do not miss this experience!

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Line up artists/teachers/speakers

Eva Maria Admiral-Wherlin (Austria, actress), Dale Chappell(Portugal.vocal coaching,Hannah Clair (France, singer, vocals),  Didi Companjen (NL, teacher worship), Dingeman Coumou(Nl, guitar/lute), Lu Cozma (Uk, vocal coach), Noémie Daval(France,visual art/concepts), Jan Willem van Delft (Nl, piano/keyboards), Gerdien van Delft (Nl, visual arts-concepts), Lasma Dobele (Latvia, speaker), Desiree van Drongelen (Nl, dance), Ennio Drost(Nl, modern dance, free style),  Klaus André Eickhoff (D, singer-songwriter),Hans Inge Fagervik(Norway, singers-songwriter), Paul Field (Uk, composer, singer songwriter), Jill Ford (Uk, acting), Paul Fransen (Nl, galllery), Aart Jan de Geus (D, speaker), Torsten Harder (D, Cello), Richard Hughes(Uk, film), Ruth Hughes (Uk, dance), Marta Jakobovits (Ro. Visual arts,clay), Frieder Jost (D.guitar), Pierre Lachat(Fr, singer-songwriter), Judith Lengkeek(Nl, storytelling), Teddi Liho(Bulg. Designs/etchings), Arend Maatkamp (Nl, graffitti), Christoph Müller(D, Bläser), Philip Noble(Uk, speaker), Anlo Piquet(Fr,mime,presentation), Arthur Pirenne (NL, clowning), Christelle Reboullet(France, visual arts/calligraphy), Stefano Rigamonti (It, music/composer), Lidia Rigamonti-Genta(It.singer), Leen + Ria La Rivière(NL.speakers), Ward Roofthooft(B. entrepeneurship for artists), Jean Pierre Rudolph(Fr,violin), Peter S. Smith (Uk, visual arts,drawing), Antonis Sousamoglou(Gr,violin), Thea Soltau(UK, dance),Geoffrey Stevenson(Uk, speaker), Renske van Twillert (Nl, visual arts/design), Guido Verhoef (Nl, balloons/projects), Jenny Verplanke (B, painting), Heike Wetzel(D. classical music/flute), Annedore Wienert(D. classical music), Paul Yates (UK/D. Photography)… for picture and cv/bio go to Artists and teachers.