Christian Artists Seminar

August 5 - August 10 2017


HOW TO ARRIVE AT KSI/Sint Michaelsberg, SIEGBURG, Germany

You can arrive at airport Dusseldorf, here you take the train to Köln/Cologne HBB, change train (ICE) direction Frankfurt, get off the train at Siegburg.
Airport Cologne/Bonn, take train to Siegburg, it is only a short distance.
Airport Frankfurt, take ICE to KöIn/Cologne and get off the train at Siegburg

By Train:
Siegburg is at the connection Köln/Cologne to Frankfurt.

Station to KSI: you can try to walk, but it is up hill and may take you half an hour. On both sides of the station are taxi's. Their fare is reasonable. There is no public transportation from station to KSI.

By car:
See map below. KSI is very close to all Highway connections. IMPORTANT: Siegburg is anti-parking. If you want to park in the town, do it at the park-houses. Somewhere parking will bring you a police ticket. Parking IN the KSI is only possible in the indoor parking of the KSI, those costs are 8 euro per day... Please be aware of this. Parking in a parkhouse in town costs the same.

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