Christian Artists Seminar

July 29 - August 2, 2018

This 37th International Christian Artists Seminar will be an EU seminar fully focused to find work as artist of any art form, as unemployment is arising. How to take care of yourself (avoiding health risks) in the midst of the crisis; life long learning will be a great help to secure work. And what will be your unique call, talent, added value?
A theoretical and very practical seminar. 1,5 days of lectures and debates including very interesting meetings with artists who survived and are ready to speak about their secrets and answers. Followed by 2 days of unique workshops in any form of art.
Be ready to open your mind and be inspired. Be ready to improve technically. Be ready to grow spiritually. Be ready to develop your vision for life as on artist. Navigation: button Program 2018 (here are as well the workshops), next button Seminar info (here e.g. the costs and the location). Button About CA has a lot of background information. Photos and videos (gives visual a lot of insight.) For registration: use button SIGN UP

Latest news

December 14, 2017
There is great interest of top-artists, teachers and speakers to contribute to the upcoming Christian Artists Seminar (July 29 – August 2). There will be great contributions too of young top-talents. Do not miss this  unique event! Confirmed artists/teachers/speakersMarijke Bolt (sculpture,NL), Esther Hannah Burger- Hucks (piano, Germany), Didi Companjen (worship,NL), Hannah Clair (vocal class, France), Didi Companjen (worship, NL), Noemie Daval ( fine arts, France), Jan Willem van Delft (piano, NL), Gerdien van Delft-Rebel ( fine arts, NL), Wiebe van Dingen (fine arts, NL), Paul Donders (speaker, NL), Klaus Andre Eickhoff (singer-songwriter, Germany), Paul van der Feen(musician, Nl), Jill Ford (theatre, Uk), Torsten Harder (musician, Germany), Werner Hucks (musician, Germany), Ruth Hughes(dance, Uk), Richard Hughes(film, Uk), Marta Jakobovits(clay-3D, Romania),Birgit Juch (dance, Nl), Tobias Kerkhoven (E-guitar machinist, Nl), Natael Kerkhoven (MC and singer, Nl), Chesron Ledes (CA-gospel choir, NL), Dr.Lasma Dobele Licite(lector, Latvia), Teddy Liho (presentation skills, Bulgaria), Aron de Lijster (basguitar, Nl), Arend Maatkamp (graffitti art, computerwork, Nl), Maria Markesini (singer, Greece), Corentin Martinez(drums, France), Talitha Nawijn (vocal coach, Nl), Thomas Nöttling (piano, Austria), Jeanine Noyes (singer-songwriter, Canada), Nikos Papadogiorgos (composer, Greece), Angelique Petit (mime, France), Arthur Pirenne (clowning, Nl),Jan Willem Plutschouw(clown, Nl), Dr.Evert van de Poll (speaker, France), Reijer (singer-songwriter, NL),  Rivelino Rigters (urban music, Nl), Leen & Ria La Rivière (speakers, Nl), Jonathan Romppel (keyboards, Germany-USA), Prof.Ward Roofthooft (lector, Belgium),  Alexandra Smith (speaker and storytelling, Nl), Peter S.Smith (drawing, Uk), Thea Soltau (performing arts, acting, Uk), Vicky Stanley (theatre, UK),  Dr.Geoffrey Stevenson (lector communication, UK), Judith Stevenson (writing, UK),  Renske van Twillert (printmaking, Nl), Damaris Veenman-Verduijn ( dance, Spain), Jenny Verplanke(painting, Belgium),  Heike Wetzel (flute, Germany), Paul Yates (photography, Germany), Elly Zuiderveld (singer-coach, Nl)… more to follow

October 31, 2017
Confirmed artists/teachersMarijke Bolt (sculpture,NL), Esther Hannah Burger (piano, Germany), Didi Companjen (worship,NL), Hannah Clair (vocal class, France), Noemie Daval ( fine arts, France), Jan Willem van Delft (piano, NL), Gerdien van Delft-Rebel ( fine arts, NL), Paul Donders (speaker, NL), Klaus Andre Eickhoff (singer-songwriter, Germany), John Featherstone(singer-songwriter, France), Paul van der Feen(musician, Nl), Jill Ford (theatre, Uk), Paul Fransen (lector, fine arts, NL), Torsten Harder (musician, Germany), Werner Hucks (musician, Germany), Ruth Hughes(dance, Uk), Richard Hughes(film, Uk), Marta Jakobovits(clay-3D, Romania),Birgit Juch (dance, Nl), Tobias Kerkhoven (E-guitar machinist, Nl), Chesron Ledes (CA-gospel choir, NL), Dr.Lasma Dobele Licite(lector, Latvia), Judith Lengkeek (storytelling, Nl), Teddy Liho (presentation skills, Bulgaria), Aron de Lijster (basguitar, Nl), Arend Maatkamp (graffitti art, computerwork, Nl), Talitha Nawijn (vocal coach, Nl), Nikos Papadogiorgos (composer, Greece), Angelique Petit (mime, France), Arthur Pirenne (clowning, Nl), Dr.Evert van de Poll (speaker, France),  Rivelino Rigters (urban music, Nl), Prof.Ward Roofthooft (lector, Belgium),  Alexandra Smith (speaker and storytelling, Nl), Peter S.Smith (drawing, Uk), Thea Soltau (performing arts, acting, Uk), Dr.Geoffrey Stevenson (lector communication, UK), Judith Stevenson (writing, UK),  Renske van Twillert (printmaking, Nl), Jenny Verplanke(painting, Belgium),  Heike Wetzel (flute, Germany), Paul Yates (photography, Germany)… more to follow soon

August 29, 2017
Overwhelming CA 2017
From August 5 – 10 was the 36th International Christian Artists Seminar at the KSI Saint Michaelsberg Abbey in Siegburg, Germany. Responses from participants speak about: overwhelming… so inspiring… found spiritual and creative renewal… I got answer to my questions… I know that I have now a future in the arts… This seminar brings each year color in my tredmill life… It is such a blessing… The seminar started with 1,5 day with plenairy meetings: lecturers giving the state of the art actual situation in the sector arts/culture and this was alternated with real life interviews with professionals in the arts and mixed with debates and working groups. This was followed by 3 days full of masterclasses and workshops. 5 nights had great concerts with the presentation of 8 different artists and art forms. After a concultation about the future of CA in 2015 the results are now clearly seen: a growing number of young artists, top talents come to participate. The CA seminar had a record number of 180 participants coming from 18 different nations. The CA seminar is supported by the EU/EZA and several artists organizations around Europe: the theme was: the new digital world 4.0 and the challenges for the work of artists in all arts sectors. A complete report with all data and conclusions go to button: theme and conclusions.

June 19, 2017
Ria and I visited the new location a few days ago. In one word: incredible. The outside of the Michaelsberg abbey is old (the monastery dates back to the 10th century). The inside is totally new: 21st century. And added was a new high tech conference building. A great combination. We really look forward to the 36th Christian Artists Seminar being held in this location. You will be surprised too about the very inspiring atmosphere. 
Leen La Rivière

March 28, 2017
LINE UP Artists/teachers/speakers CA 2017:
Eva- Maria Admiral (acting,Austria), Ernesto Arrendell (percussion, NL), Leonard von Bibra (photography, Germany) Marijke Bolt (sculpture, NL), Dale Chappell (vocal coach, Portugal), Didi Companjen (worship,NL), Hannah Clair (vocal class, France), Naomi Cook (dance, Belgium), Noemie Daval ( fine arts, France), Jan Willem van Delft (piano, NL), Gerdien van Delft-Rebel ( fine arts, NL),  Dr.Lasma Licite (lector, Latvia), Wiebe van Dingen (creative process, NL), Desiree van Drongelen (dance, NL), Klaus Andre Eickhoff (singer-songwriter, Germany), John Featherstone (singer-songwriter, France), Matthijs van der Feen (drums, NL) Paul Field (singer-songwriter, Uk, Jill Ford (theatre, UK), Paul Fransen (lector, fine arts, NL), Torsten Harder (cello, Germany) Ruth Hughes(dance, UK), Richard Hughes(film, UK), Marta Jakobovits (clay-3D, Romania), Tobias Kerkhoven (E-guitar machinist, NL), Teddy Liho (presentation skills, Bulgaria), Aron de Lijster (basguitar, NL), Arend Maatkamp (graffitti art, computerwork, NL), Corentin Martinez (drums, France), Sarah Mertins (sing-songwriter, Germany) Nikos Papadogiorgos (composer, Greece), Angelique Petit (mime, France), Arthur Pirenne (clowning, NL), Giovanni Pisas (dance, NL), Evert van de Poll (piano and organ, France), Asya Pritchard  (drama, Germany), Génesis Quintanilla (dance, Spain), Rivelino Rigters (urban music, NL), Prof.Ward Roofthooft (lector, Belgium), Jean Pierre Rudolph (violin, France), Hannay Shillai (photo and graphic design, Germany), Alexandra Smith (writing storytelling, NL), Peter S.Smith (drawing, Uk), Thea Soltau (performing arts, Uk), Dr.Geoffrey Stevenson (lector communication, UK), Judith Stevenson (writing, UK),  Renske van Twillert (printmaking, NL), Jenny Verplanke (painting, Belgium), Rosa van den Vijver ( sand-artist, NL),  Heike Wetzel (flute, Germany), Paul Yates (photography, Germany).

Februari 10, 2016
LINE UP of  performing artists, teachers and speakers: GO to the button: Artists and teachers. For the list of workshops and content go to the button Workshops.

TESTIMONIALS: how do people experience the CA seminar?

Christian Artists has ment and means still a lot for me.  Thanks to CA I could develop my first performance as a clown who wants to let grow a little seed.  Thanks to this performance I got a lot of new work and even my working period at the Evangelical Broadcast Company of The Netherlands  is thanks to this performance.I met on CA a lot of nice people and some of them became good friends, with whom I have very inspirational contacts. Also my trips abroad to Rwanda, Thailand, South Africa and Romenia is thanks to the meeting I had on CA with o.a. Jenny Verplancke from Belgium. For me CA feels as coming home.  It is my spiritual home. The wisdom and goodness I meet here is unforgettable and unpayable. CA has been the big blessing in my life.
Arthur Pirenne, The Netherlands

When we became Christians in 1975, we didnot know any other christian performers besides Jaap Booij (Hodos band). Our secular collegues did not know how to handle us, as we had become very radical. So we lost a lot of friends in a short time. Leen La Rivière introduced us to the world of CA (Christian Artists) and a new world opened up. All those fascinating diversities that exist in the Christian art scene. And there we got so many new friends. I remember one moment that I cried at our first CA seminar, because it was so beautiful, and where Amy Grant comforted me. Later on we becaume teachers about songwriting and where able to help many young talents. We were encouraged to move into childrens songs. Even we did worlkhops about keeping your marriage in shape, quite important when you are a lot on the road. And it is a joy to be involved in the CA talent evaluations, here I met Elise Mannah. I perform now with her. And I followed a wealth of different workshops that enriched my life. CA is such an important place for meeting and learning.
Elly Zuiderveld, The Netherlands

I had the privilege to run a few workshops at Christian Artists Conferences in Bad Honnef, Germany. The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants from all artistic expressions and from various countries of Europe were truly inspiring! What struck me most of all was the very special mix of hard work during the daytime workshops and the spontaneity of performances in the evening shows when each artist put the best of his skills on stage.
If ever there was a demonstration of “Work hard and play hard” , this was it.
The days and nights you never forget!
Prof. Ward Roofthooft, Ph.D., Belgium

It is always a challenge and spiritually  so refreshing  to take parts at the CA  Seminars, to think about real problems of our world  and  to  see what our  contribution could be. It is so rewarding that artists, people from different parts of the world meet and discuss  -  sharing and getting knowledge and energy at the same time while participating at the great variety  of interesting activities . It is   so great to feel that you are member of a huge family of people you appreciate very much.
Marta Jakobovits, Romania

I appreciate Christian Artists Seminar, because for me it is a time of encouragement and inspiration. In a familiar atmosphere, one can learn from expert artists who not only are masters of their profession, but one is also trained spiritually. Through Christian Artists I got in contact with many other Artists, who enrich my horizon and I benefit from the lively exchange which takes place throughout the year until we meet again at the seminar. The collaboration between the diverse disciplines is another factor, that makes CA so valuable to me.
Miriam Hofmann, Germany

CA has provided me with the opportunity to meet creative people from many differing cultural backgrounds from all over Europe and beyond. It is a time to share mutual concerns and learn from one another. These conversations range from issues of faith and practice to shared practical concerns about how we continue and develop in our own varied arts disciplines.. Friendships I have made with teaching colleagues and students from my workshops have proved to be real and lasting. When I came to my first CA sixteen years ago I never imagined that the friendships I made would continue beyond CA and make such a valuable contribution to my own life. As a visual artist I take part in exhibitions with other CA visual artists but also am part of exciting ongoing collaborations with CA performing artists and musicians who I would never have met in my own circles at home.
Peter Smith, United Kingdom

When I came for the first time to CA in 2011, I did not expect to find what I found. I was about to quit mime as a professional in order to focus on a "real job". Sharing my art in CA and talking with people there  helped me understand that even if it's hard to make a living with arts, it's so worth going on. Money and "real job" won't  ever fulfill me as Mime does.
Before CA I was used to mime by myself or with other mime artists. In CA I discovered the huge blessing and pleasure to mime with live musicians on stage with me (2011, 2012), with a singer (2012), with a baloon sculpture artist* (2013), or with a calligraphy live performer (2013). Those amazing collaborations turned to be great friendships and even professional partners with whom I'm still performing today.
CA is definitely  the place to be encouraged and inspired, to reconsider our art, to try out new artistic collaborations.
Anlo Piquet, France

The first time I attended CA was: coming home! To meet with artistic people changed my life totally. To discover that you all speak the same language was a deep encouragement – a part of me that found myself in dry land was (and is) comforted at CA through all the years. My contribution now: to encourage artists and participants, to let them know that they are unique and to tell them/teach them that their art also can and will glorify God – Who gave them that talent!
Didi Companjen, The Netherlands

CA started the same year as I started making a living out of my art form, and has accompanied me one way or another throughout these last 35 years.
It has provided worldwide - but mostly in Europe - a network of adresses of artists, festivals, artistic events or organisations etc, that have all been useful and still are for some of them. It has been for me and for a lot of us a place where we could share artistically (and therefore also spiritually) on stage, in discussion groups or in private conversations, about a point in our life where we stand, be it in the beginning, the middle or towards the end of a process, whithout any sense of competition. Over the years I have been encouraged and challenged by other artists, participants but also but also by lecturers who have helped me to open and broaden my mind towards what is the place and the responsability of an artist in this world. Finally, CA has given me the opportunity to build up strong human relationships; I have met and made friends for life there.
Jean-Pierre Rudolph, musician, France

“I have been involved with CA since 2004 when I was invited to teach Drama and Physical Theatre workshops. It has been so encouraging and inspiring  to be part of a creative movement that fosters artistic gifting and potential at all levels. I really enjoy teaching participants from all over Europe, as well as seeing  top class artists, musicians and dancers perform. The creative networking that takes place is invaluable and I have so appreciated meeting like minded creative people who have a passion and desire to excel in their artistic gifting for the glory of God. For me it is a creative space where I can be refreshed and renewed each year.”
Jill Ford, United Kingdom

In one word, CA has meant “inspiration”  – from a reawakening of creativity, a renewal of vision, a sense of community and networking. It has been my privilege to be involved with CA for over twenty-five years - as participant, artist, teacher – and my life is undoubtedly far richer because of it, both on a human, relational level and as a professional artist who is also a Christian. New tools have been acquired each year and new love received in the unique atmosphere that is CA…and I am most grateful.
Dale Lee Chappell, Portugal

“I’ve been attending the “Christian Artists Seminar” now for more than 15 years: teaching, performing, enjoying the exchange of life experiences as a musician with artists around the world. It is very unique to be at the conference not just as an artist but also as a Christian. We share our basic Christian faith and this makes it possible to be open and transparent: we are family. Every time after the conference I went back home inspired and with new ideas, plans, refilled with energy and love for my work.”
Heike Wetzel Yates, Germany

My first visit to CA was in 1999, and I realised immediately that this conference was definitely something for me. I have been attending regularly now for more than 15 years and have made countless friends during this time, working together on photo-projects with numerous CA artists from all over Europe. Time spent here during the five days is always intense, but filled with so much joy and encouragement from fellow artists that the time flies by!  The accommodation and food at the conference centre is of a very high standard and the staff extremely friendly. CA has given me so much inspiration over the years to both share with others my experience as an artist and to receive input from the Christian community here, it’s a two way thing: giving and receiving. As a teacher here I will continue to encourage and mentor my students, so that they may pursue their love of photography and become future artists in their own right.
Paul Yates, Germany, United Kingdom

CA has been from the very beginning a place of inspiration and challenges for me.
My abilities, talents, tastes, but also my faith have been challenged in different ways to reach a higher level, stronger basis and deeper roots.
A place to be inspired indeed, through so many encounters, with both notions of confrontation and divine appointments that bring you to know yourself even better !
That's my experience of CA, which could be summed up in one formula - even though restrictive, it gives a good idea of it : it's the place where you are allowed to be yourself, whatever... !
I can even say it's the place where you have to be yourself if you want to take the most of it all and make an impact on your daily life once back home.
According to what some participants already told me, I can be an ear, an eye at CA, to help with enabling participants to find ways to meet their own balance (spiritual life/professional activity/family...), also to reach some objectivity in their practise, way of thinking and working... inviting them to take the time to reflect, evaluate on their present position and consider to/decide to act for a change. I am also one of the numerous links within CA's team to facilitate connections, giving birth somehow to great adventures beyond CA throughout the year.
Claire Kowalcsyk, France

Christian Artists is like heaven for me once a year, a place where I can feel at home, where I am not a stranger, where I feel welcomed, loved and understood. I can do, see and hear wonderful things. The first time I came to CA was during a very hard time in my life, so it was even more important for me to feel that way. And CA helped me to develop my personality, as a christian and an artists, and to find my profession as a dance therapist.
Especially for people like me who do not feel at home only in one field of art, it is a great opportunity to learn and train or just experiment and try new art forms. My whole familiy feels deeply connected to CA. Our older son is on his way to becoming a professional musician, while our younger son is still exploring various art forms.
Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful and special place!
Yoshiko Romppel, Germany

CA means to me: blend in music, filling my head with beautiful images, but most of all meeting the people behind them, and give room for new friendships. To discover doing my (crafts)work not only bij head and hand but more and more also by heart, and the possibility to recognize and share these things feels like a warm bath.
Creativity is what we have in common, unique as we are. That together makes CA special!
Corine Kraak, The Netherlands

“Every time that Leen la Riviere invites me to present a lecture I feel myself a privileged person. At first, presenting a lecture always implies a lot of preparation and always gives a bit stress. In the case of the summer conference all these efforts and stress are well-compensated by the conference. I like the conference very much. I like the people and I like the atmosphere. Especially, I like the evenings in which artists present their own work. So much different talents! I am also touched by the Christian inspiration. Only the simple fact that Christian artists try to show the greatness of God in their work is moving. I hope that Christian artists will be of great blessing for our society.”
Maarten Verkerk, The Netherlands