Your own website with Wordpress

Language the workshop will be taught:

We scheduled the workshop as follow:
Shift 3 - 16.00 - 17.30
Date: 29.07 & 30.07

Maximum number of participants:

The needed artistic level of this workshop is:

The skills criteria for participants to follow this workshop are:

Participants will have learned after doing this workshop:
Setting up and maintaining their own website in WordPress.

What materials/equipment/other things participants need to bring to be able to do this workshop:
Content for your website. Photo, video or audio material.

Other important things a participant should know to be able to do this workshop:
Computers are arranged by CA.

Describe clearly the content of this workshop:
We’re walking through the process of setting up a basic website in the world’s most widely used content management system WordPress.
WordPress makes maintaining a professional website accessible for everyone.
A few things that we will talk about are: blogging, portfolio’s, social media connections, search engine optimization and more.

If you are a more advanced WordPress user. Feel free to join me during breakfast, lunch or dinner to ask me your questions.