Grady van den Bosch

I am  an interdisciplinairy oriented arteducator and (visual) artist, Master of Education in Arts. For 25 years I was a music teacher in secondairy education. I also temporary was a teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, teaching music-didactics. Now I have my own small company: STUDIO GRADY Art & Arteducation. I develop workshops and other arteducational projects. I am also a trained autodidactic visual artist, exhibiting. My specialties are interdisciplinairy workshops, like the one I teach at CA with Gerdien van Delft. My diverse skills, experience and passion for the arts, all come together in these projects. My faith is an important inspiration. You can see that in my visual arts (paintings, photography, video etc) and in some of my workshops. I love to share this combined passion of faith and the arts with people. Developing their artistic skills, opening their eyes, ears and hearts and helping them to share their stories of faith. With emphases on exploring, creating and reflecting. Six times I was a participant at CA (1988 – 2017). Now I look forward to contribute as a teacher.