You are needed

For the sake of clarity: what is said above not just concerns the Netherlands but all of western civilization. We ask our friends, including you:

  • to support this plan in the long term
  • to publish what we send around for publication purposes
  • to pray for our task, assignment and goals
  • to help and find Christians who have creative talents, both artists and teachers, and to pass this information on to us (CS/CA).

-to help us shout out the message that Christians should no longer avoid being responsible in society, economy, culture and politics. Instead, they should occupy positions to be purifying salt. See how the enemy’s poison has contaminated everything, because many of us evangelical Christians have shunned the world. Let’s conquer again what belongs to the Lord: this world. So, let’s be a salting salt. Only a little salt is needed to flavour food and preserve it. Let the Christians once again be at the head of all developments and no longer be in the last wagon of the train.