Our concrete plans are:

  1. Organizing events for Christian Artists to meet each other (encouragement, direction, helping them grow, building contacts, restoration of values, credibility, deepening of contents, growth of quality). These are already taking place.
  2. Compiling a book about Christian Artists, to be published regularly: the CA-directory. Its aim is to make these artist known, to create possibilities for exhibitions and performance and build a network for invitations by and to churches and denominations; creating new networks.
  3. Books about music in the Bible dealing with the question “What is a music-ministry?” (published in English in July 1987) and a book about creativity, the arts, gifts and talents: first published in Dutch in June 1987, in July 1989 also available in English as “Royal Creativity”. These will be followed by more books/studies in the future.
  4. Writing more about art in Music & Art Magazine - the Dutch version and publishing (if possible) an international version in English.
  5. Asking all colleagues in other countries to look for Christian artists, to unite them, to encourage them. From 1987 on: Music, dance and fine art ( all the arts) will be planned at the annual Christian Artists Seminar at an International level.
  6. To create a Continental Art Centre. Several things can be held and done there: exhibitions, studies, training, archives, library, courses, etc. (In 1989 the Continental Art Centre opened its doors in Rotterdam.)
  7. Working towards an ‘Academy of the arts’ to influence culture.

Creativity is given by God. We have to see to it that we get new ‘culture-makers/shapers’: the Christians. We have to work on an explosion of ministries and spiritual gifts and develop all natural talents. This way the ‘negative forces’ will be defeated. Negativism is active in the Christian world as well. In many fields especially the free and creative spirit is curtailed.