Mastery - Discover your vocation and grow in excellence, Paul Ch. Donders and Chris Sommer

Published by xpand

ISBN 978-82-996383-5-7

Mastery is all about discovering your unique talents, dreams and possibilities. Finding the job you love and excel at is not a question of luck! Today, we have multiple possibilities that bring up multiple questions and multiple choices, and that challenge you to make your own decisions.

This book will support you in finding your unique route to the right profession, as well as the path to grow from a student to a professional to a master in your trade. Paul Donders and Chris Sommer (two lifelong friends) will be your guide on this quest. They are masters in their own trade, and have a passion to support others to grow in their mastery.

They will show you how during the last 3000 years, in more than 30 civilizations, guilds have supported their trade in the development of students to masters.They will also lead you through very practical workshops to help you discover your unique calling and your next steps to grow to the next level of professionalism.