Creative Life Planning 3.0

Creative Life Planning 3.0 - Discover your dignity and destiny, Paul Ch. Donders

Published by xpand

Creatively planning your life in the 21st century has become more challenging than ever before. These days, people often work until they are 75 years old. Young people, at the beginning of their professional life know that they may change careers up to 4 times. But those already established in their profession are also forced to constantly adapt to the changing tides. Therefore, you must continue to learn and make important decisions in your life and in your work. Chaos and stress often cloud your vision. So, how can you regain and renew your perspective on life and work?

Creative Life Planning 3.0 is your toolbox in this quest. You will discover answers to the following questions:

Where do I come from?
What is my story?
What is my potential?
What skills, personality and passion do I bring to the table? Where am I going?
How do I develop a meaningful, healthy and successful professional life?
How do I combine my work and private life so that I gain energy from both?
How can I become more resilient?

At xpand, we are convinced of one thing: in every human there is an artist. Every human has a strong desire to give his or her life meaning. This book does not only help you to find your own way to work in life, it also stimulates you to grow in your trade and mastery.

Creative Life Planning 3.0