Jan-Willem Plutschouw

My Name is Jan-Willem Plutschouw, I was born at 22 September in 1990. When I look back at my childhood, I was always busy doing theatre: I played in every school musical. My passion for drama grow during the study: Teacher Assistant. One of the subjects was drama lessons, these where the moments I was the most excited about and where I worked the hardest. That’s why I decided to volunteer one year at Youth For Christ theatre Holland. We’ve played in five different educative plays. This is where I discovered that I could combine both of my biggest hobbies: education and acting. So the year following I’ve started at the study: Education in Drama. In 2014 I successfully graduated and right now I am acting in different kinds of plays. Most of the time they are educative.

Next to this I work three days a week as a clown for Dutch foundation: CliniClowns. I love working for and with people. To help them and let them be happy, even when it’s just for one moment. The children I play for at CliniClowns are all sick. It’s heartwarming when I see them laugh, even for a moment. That’s where I realize I have the most awesome work!

Also I started my own company: JW Plutschouw Theater, for acting and presentation. I create my own acts and my new goal is how to combine theatre with religion. The main question is: How can I use drama to evangelize?