Nataël Kerkhoven

I am passionate about music, teenagers and the English language. I started out as a choir member in the Black Gospel Choir: Inside Out.  After four years I was asked by the EO (Evangelical Broadcasting Company in the Netherlands) to be one of the seven vocalist in the renewed “EO Ronduit Praise Band”. We toured throughout Holland and Belgium for several years and we were part of various CD and TV productions. After three years I was asked to be one of the four female vocalists in the gospel band “Pure”. On our EP I (co-) wrote a couple of songs. The last few years I have been a freelance worship leader and vocalist in church services and wedding receptions. I often work with my husband Tobias Kerkhoven (fulltime guitarist). In my daily life I can combine my other passions: Teaching English to adolescents. Since the beginning of this year I have also combined music and teenagers:  I am worship leader and bandleader of Shockwave: a monthly teen event helping teens to find their identity in God.