Christian Artists Seminar

July 28 (arrival) - July 31 (departure), 2019

Drawing in 3D with Google Sketchup in combination with visual art

Language the workshop will be taught:

We scheduled the workshop as follow:
A series of workshops in 3 days placed in shift 1 or 2 of 1 hour and 20 minutes each day.

This workshop should be placed in the following category:
Multi Media Arts

Maximum number of participants:

The needed artistic level of this workshop is:

The skills criteria for participants to follow this workshop are:

Participants will have learned after doing this workshop:
The basis to build 3D spaces with Sketchup.

What materials/equipment/other things participants need to bring to be able to do this workshop:
Participants can bring their own computer. And download the last version of Sketchup.
And your creativity !

Other important things a participant should know to be able to do this workshop:
The participants can come with an idea, a picture of something they want to build in 3D space.

Describe clearly the content of this workshop:
How to built simple and complexe structures or environnements.