Christian Artists Seminar

July 28 (arrival) - July 31 (departure), 2019

Collaboration: Paint to Print or Print to Paint? Just Paint!

Language the workshop will be taught:
We sheduled the workshop as follow:
On Tuesday the 8th & Wednesday the 9th:
09.00 – 10.00 = shift A
10.00 – 11.00 = shift B
Maximum number of participants:  

The needed artistic level of this workshop is:
All levels.

The skills criteria for participants to follow this workshop are:
All levels.

Participants will have learned after doing this workshop:
They will have learned to collaborate and experiment with combining printmaking and painting into one abstract work.

What materials/equipment/other things participants needs to bring:
Old clothes or an apron, stanley knife, rolling pin (it will stain), pair of scissors, materials and/or objects with interesting relief or structure, pelette knife or old old debit card.

Other important things a participant should know to be alble to do this workshop:
Please be open to experiment and collaborate. And to enjoy the process whilst in it.

Content of this workshop:
In this workshop you will experiment with combining printmaking and painting in one abstract piece. You will have lots of fun in the process and the collaboration of the two disciplines will widen your understanding about how an artwork can evolve.