Christian Artists Seminar

July 28 (arrival) - July 31 (departure), 2019

Hannah Schillai

I’ve been passionate about drawing since I was small. When I was given a digital camera at the age of ten, I started to get interested in photography too, and just couldn’t stop taking pictures. Later on, in year 10 of grammar school, I did my first internship at an advertising agency, where I got introduced to drawing still life. The following two years of school I took part in extra art lessons in order to be prepared for the art test of my a levels. During that time I did lots of drawings and sketches and got the opportunity to develop my drawing skills remarkably, which empowered me to reach 14 out of 15 points as final test result.

After finishing school, Paul Yates, a friend and neighbour of ours, offered me some help with my new reflex camera. So one meeting where he just tought me some basic skills led to another and now he’s kind of a mentor for me who supports me with everything concerning my photographic work.

In January I’m going to have another internship at an advertising agency for three months, where I will be able to experience the work of a graphic designer directly. After that I plan to apply to the advanced technical college in Nuremberg, where I can study design and by doing so, follow my greatest passions.