Angelique Petit

"Angie" is how she's called, flamboyant hair and slightly blackened green eyes, she's been dancing since she's 5.
When she is 16, she goes to Paris to get trained as a professional Jazz dancer, altoghether with Contemporary and Hip-Hop. She learns performing arts while dancing with various companies. Enhancing her journey is her training at the Marcel Marceau school of Mimodrame in Paris, where she graduates. She joins Marcel Marceau's company straight after school, to go on an international tour (France, Italy, Spain, USA).
This master remains one of her greatest inspiration. Today, between Mime and Hip-Hop, Angélique expresses herself through different festivals and other scenes. She still can be viewed through her own creations in many performances, either in dancing or in miming. Mime Professor at Cité du Cinéma (Luc Besson), within 'La NEF des Acteurs' school since 2015, she is also coach for actors and dancers .

References feeding her imagination range from Keaton, Chaplin, Michael Jackson, her childhood tales by Andersen, Grimm, Poe, or Tim Burton... Musicals of the 1950s, not mentionning Jacques Tati and today gestural theatre. Keeping on drinking from the sources that have rocked her childhood: painting, music, cinema and comics.