Christian Artists Seminar

July 28 (arrival) - July 31 (departure), 2019

Simone Pansa

In 2000 I discovered my voice. I was 18 years old. I was singer songwriter and backingvocalist in a reggaeband. I left the band after 6 years and started on my own. I worked as a freelance backingvocalist for upcoming artist and traveled along the way. In my old neighbourhood (Rozenburg, ZH-the Netherlands) in 2011 I met pastor Nico van Splunter and his loving family and from that day I was singing in his church every sunday and I had the honor to meet God. In December 2016 I decided that I wanted my motherland Surinam to know who I am. I had a single coming out called Yu na mi Lobi means You are the love of my life. It is such a blessing to do what I love with the power of the most high God.