Christian Artists Seminar

July 28 (arrival) - July 31 (departure), 2019

Thomas Noettling

International Jazzpianist from Austria teaching at the conservatory in Vienna.

As a soloist he is playing mainly his own compositions, some played beforehand by different bands, Thomas Noettling conveyed the concept to a piano solo. He is influenced a lot by Latin American & Afro rhythms and on the harmonic side  by French impressionism. His melodies are easy to remember - The audience will enjoy a breathing atmosphere during his concert!

Thomas Noettling is playing the piano since his early years. His family is involved in the arts since more then 100 years. Looking at paintings makes him rich in his imaginations, all the colours and impressions find their way thru his music.

After studying architecture he went into music. Thomas Noettling studied Jazz piano (concert and paedagogic degree at the conservatory in Vienna) and classical piano under Martijn van den Hoek at the university of music in Vienna. Rhythmic perfection on conservatory level he made to his own by specializing on percussions.

The audience  is invited to follow the pianist so to say into his  living room to experience a private time with his musical speach. Enjoy a breathing atmosphere during his concert!

Highlights: Montreux Celebration Festival, Christian Artists Festival Colorado, Wien Modern, Palais Ferstel Wien,... Touring thru Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Botswana, Kongo (DRK), USA

Find some of his recordings under or on Spotify, iTunes…