DJ Flubbel

DJ Flubbel is a Christian DJ and producer, who started producing in 1999. His style varies from Christian electronic dance music (CEDM) to uplifting Christian hardstyle and hardcore music. His goal is to spread the Gospel using modern electronic music. In 2010 his first album “Christian Hardcore” was released via Asaph. In 2011 a track was released on the dance compilation album “The Edge”. In 2013 was the release of his second album “Christian House” via Ecovata. In 2014 the track “Let it be Known (Remix)” was released on the Life@Opwekking 17 CD. In 2015 was his first appearance on the Dutch national television (NPO 2) and the release of his third album: “Christian Hardstyle”. In 2016 DJ Flubbel was mainstage at the Gracelandfestival, and for that occasion he released an EP called “Graceland Anthem”. In 2017 was a gig mainstage at the Sound of Heaven Festival 2017 and he released an EP: “Eat, Sleep, Praise, Repeat”. That same year DJ Flubbel was booked for the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).